Why Chemical Free Hair Products Is The New Black!

Do you realise the effect that hair care products which contain chemicals have on your hair? Chemical Free Hair Products Are (often overlooked, but they are) The New Black!

Believe it or not, the chemicals (vitamins and minerals) in our bodies have an effect on areas of our bodies that you wouldn’t think of, like hair. The hair shaft relies on the chemical make-up within our bodies, and we need them to be healthy.

We lose about 25-30% of our body’s head through our scalps; the scalp is vital to help regulate the body’s temperate at a core 37°C.

Our heads are exposed to various weather elements like the sun’s UV rays. As hair protects our scalp and the follicles of the hair shafts, we need to ensure that the hair we have is in healthy condition to withstand and counteract those UV rays.

Apart from ensuring that your child receives the right amount of vitamins and minerals, especially those containing melanin to help protect the hair – it is vitally important that the product you use on your hair complements your goals for hair health and be chemical free.

Using shampoo and conditioner products which contain chemicals can counteract the promotion of healthy new hair growth. As each person’s body is different, the chemicals can have a different effect, such as creating an in-balance of structure and levels of the vitamins and minerals in our bodies.

Also, let’s face it. Hair is an extension of ourselves and growing healthy hair means that we can be more confident. Perhaps it also means that you child’s hair will suffer less breakage and they will be able to grow it longer, and maintain different hair styles as a result.

Ensuring you look after the hair on your child’s head from an early age is vital to maintain their hair health, as well as body health. That is why the team at Ziggetty Snipits and Nitpro created a range of hair care products with a formula that is kind to your child’s hair and promotes healthy hair growth.

We stock Ziggetty Snipits Shampoo, Conditioner and Mango Detangling Spray for everyday use. We also stock Nitpro Preventative Shampoo, Nitpro Preventative Conditioner and Nitpro Lice Prevention, Detangling and Conditioning Spray to maintain the treatment for a head-lice free head of hair.

The Ziggetty Snipits Shampoo is formulated using ingredients which are Silicon, Paraben and Sulphate free. The Shampoo is gentle on your child’s hair and will not leave you in tears or your hair in knots!

The Ziggetty Snipits Conditioner is formulated by also using ingredients which are Silicon, Paraben and Sulphate free. The Conditioner works well with Shampoo and is also gentle on your child’s hair.

We avoided Silicon from our products as it gives the hair shine but builds up over time and attracts dandruff; we avoided Sulphate as it provides stinging and burning sensations and people react differently to the ingredient; and we avoided Paraben as it is a chemical agent that acts as a preservative. Removing these ingredients from our products make them safe for use, but doesn't make the effectiveness of the product any less.

The Ziggetty Snipits Mango Detangling Spray is filled with vitamins and minerals, as well as protein, to counteract hair breakage that can occur when removing knots. The Spray is lightweight and non-greasy and best used on highly damaged hair. We recommend you spray it onto towel dried hair and comb through the mid-lengths and ends for best results. The spray can be used with the Wet Brush for a smoother detangling process. Also, the kids will love the mild mango fragrance and won’t realise it’s being used to treat their hair!

The Nitpro Preventative Shampoo creates a barrier on the hair shaft. It contains harmless preventative ingredients to deter head lice from clinging on to the hair shaft.

The Nitpro Preventative Conditioner works well with the Preventative Shampoo as a duo to help create the barrier on the hair shaft to prevent head lice from sticking. It also contains harmless preventative ingredients.

The Nitpro Lice Prevention, Detangling and Conditioning Spray is similar to the Mango Detangling Spray, in that it contains minerals, vitamins and protein to help prevent breakage. The spray is formulated to also help aide in the prevention of head lice. If you child is prone to head lice, you don’t need both sprays for their hair – we recommend this spray as it works the same way as the Mango Detangling Spray, but with the added bonus of keeping the head lice at bay. Best used with the Nitpro Preventative Shampoo and Conditioner.

We would like to stress to you that our hair care products DO NOT contain Pyrethroid Insecticides, which are harmful and linked to abnormal behaviour in children. Find out more by clicking here.

You can always view and buy these products next time you are in one of our salons, or via our online store. If you take your child’s health seriously and want to promote healthy hair, we recommend you try these products today!

For all other enquiries, you can always contact your local team to discuss.

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