Most Effective Head Lice Treatment

When you want to know the most effective head lice treatment, it isn’t your local chemist for a bottle of chemicals.

We know that it is the easiest and quickest go-to for any busy parent who is thinking, “Nits! What next?” because no-one has time, or energy, for them!

In fact, you’d be wasting your money because you’ll realise that it isn’t effective and that you’ll have to spend more money on more chemicals to treat it 2 weeks later because the head lice are still making a home on your child’s head.

We don’t want to see you wasting your money.

We don’t want to see you placing chemicals on your child’s head, without knowing whether they are safe.

To counteract the hassles - we have ensured that our head lice treatment is THE best.

Here is why, because you’re not:

  • racing around like a headless chook,

  • breaking your back bending over the bath washing and washing your child’s hair,

  • having your child throw shade at you because you keep hurting them with the constant washing and head lice comb, and the number one reason….

  • wasting your TIME.

We know what it is like as we were in the same boat in the early years as a parent and once we discovered that our treatment not only works in eradicating the pesky nits, but guarantees they’ll be gone – we knew we were onto a winner.

It’s like – and we’ve been told – we’re the Fairy Godmother of Hair. No kidding!

Our head lice treatment is now the go-to solution for many mum’s in your area because their friends have referred them to us and they know the value of stressing less.

We use a sterile environment to treat all infestations of head lice by:

Step 1: A thorough head check given to determine level of infestation.

Step 2: [Safe] solution is applied in a way to ensure that there are no breathing holes for the head lice.

Step 3: A full comb-out of the hair is done in a way that every strand of hair is combed.

We do recommend you come into the salon for a follow-up treatment within 7-9 days to ensure that we can complete your child’s head lice removal cycle and we can enforce our 100% guarantee.

We also highly recommend that our customers book an appointment with our specialised team at the first sign of head lice to ensure you get your child head-lice free and back to daycare or school in no time.

You will still need to wash the pillow cases, sheets and towels but that is a minimal price to pay when you don’t have to keep doing it or bending over backward trying to treat the lice yourself.

The products we use are our own solutions that we had developed to ensure that they are chemical free and safe for your whole family, including pregnant mums.

As the shampoo, conditioners, detangling spray and treatment lotions are all chemical free – and in some products there is a nice fragrant, it means that you don’t have to worry about stinging eyes or itchy scalps.

It’s important to remember that head lice is NOT discriminatory and affects all family members.

You should closely check your child’s hair every now and then, even if there are no known reported cases that you are aware of. However, you should act quickly once you’ve been informed by your daycare centre or school that head lice is amongst them and to be on the look-out.

We find that customers come to us as a last resort and are happy because we can properly treat the head lice and get rid of them – but we’d prefer to be the first go-to place so you avoid anguish.

For any queries on the head lice removal, click this link to head on over to our contact page so you can contact your nearest Nitpro salon.

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