Head Lice is NOT Discriminatory - here's why

It’s important to know that head lice is NOT discriminatory, and they can make a home on anyone’s head – yours, your children’s and partner’s!

Head lice is running rampant again in daycare centres and schools and it is very important, from your child’s perspective, as well as your wallet, to ensure that you get treatment to remove the head lice straight away.

The old remedies of washing sheets and pillowcases, running a comb through the hair and keeping hair clean is no longer working.

Head lice, as small as they are, have the ability to latch onto hair follicles and not let go. They use the hair strands and their roots to create a breeding ground and infest on the head; children are the most affected.

To avoid your child scratching their hair non-stop, leaving open wounds and suffering – make sure you do check their hair regularly and get them treated as soon as you see them.

Most new customers tell us that they’ve tried over-the-counter lotions and they do not work, wasting time and money.

We find that customers come to us as a last resort and are happy because we can properly treat the head lice and get rid of them – that’s our guarantee.

Shaakira did an interview on Channel 7 a little while ago about head lice, rise in infestations and the strains of treatment they are becoming resistant to. Watch below:

We recommend you:

- use Nitpro as the first resort, and

- check your pets at home – they are also a carrier of bugs and need to be checked and cleaned.

To find out more about any of our services and products, contact your nearest salon today.

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