Head Lice: let's start at the beginning.

If there is one thing that you can be sure of if you have children – is that on average, head lice will hit the household at least once during their schooling years and that you as an adult – are not immune.

There are myths that circulate as to how and why head lice exist, which is outlined here.

Nitpro is a salon service which caters specifically to people affected by head lice, no matter the age and we are here to help everyone, including parents with eyesight limitations, children with autism (or other types of disorders), mothers who have no one to help treat their own hair, grandparents, teachers, childcare workers and so on.

We have clients that come to us as soon as they see the first signs of the head lice, and clients who come to us as a last resort after they have tried other alternatives but can't seem to end the head lice cycle or infestation.

Whatever the reason, Nitpro is here to help. Nitpro is designed to hit the head lice and stop them in their tracks - within a sterile, and fun, environment.

Nitpro has a 2 step treatment process to ensure that the head lice is eradicated - and it is 100% guaranteed. Nitpro follows all regulations and recommendations according to the NSW, WA, VIC and QLD Government Health Departments, to ensure a 100% success rate.

Don't despair, contact your local Nitpro salon today. If you are not located near one of the salons, we have our Nitpro products on offer.

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