Nitpro's pricing is based on the treatment required due to both hair length and the type of infestation that is being treated. Our treatments are very effective in eliminating the head lice and as a result offer a 100% guaranteed service on our treatment plan.


We know that finding lice in your child's hair is a big unpleasant surprise, so we don't want to provide an unpleasant surprise to you for the costs of our service. 


Each Nitpro salon uses Nitrpo's own brand of exclusive Australian made head lice removal products, which are non-toxic and pleasant smelling.


A treatment plan includes a two-cycle approach: initial treatment and a follow-up treatment. The follow-up appointment is required to take place within 7-9 days following the treatment service. The follow-up allows the repeat of the removal process and forms part of our 100% guarantee of our head lice removal service. 


Please note, pricing varies according to level of infestation. Our Treatments start from as low as $45.00.

At Nitpro we are all about helping families at an affordable price.

Contact your local salon today to discuss your needs and they'll talk you through the process and put you at ease by letting you know what to expect.


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