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Is the treatment only available for children?
No, we also provide treatment for adults. Saying that, even though the treatment is located within the Ziggetty Snipits children's hair salon - it is segregated from the hair salon in its own treatment environment at the rear of the salon.


Is the treatment effective?

Yes, and we offer a 100% head lice free guarantee for our salon treatments, when you use our two step treatment plan.


What is the head lice guarantee?

Due to our perfected method, we guarantee that after 2 in salon treatments, spaced 7-9 days apart, you or your child will leave the salon without any live head lice.


As head lice are highly contagious, Nitpro does not guarantee head lice will not return. Nitpro aims to help you prevent the likelihood of re-infestation through education and understanding of head lice, and does recommend the treatment of the home environment and using good practice preventative method and products. Click here to read our guarantee.


Head Lice

Who gets head lice?

Contrary to popular belief, head lice are not attracted to just the 'poor, dirty' kid. In fact, head lice prefer long clean hair and the shape of the hair shaft does have some input into whether the lice make themselves at home. Lice don't mind though if the hair is long or short, black or brown or blonde - what they care about is a warm environment, clean hair and a good blood supply!


How do lice transfer?

Contrary to popular myth, lice cannot fly, jump or swim. Head lice transfer by direct contact between hair on one head and hair on another head. Even though direct contact may only be for a few seconds, that is more than enough time for them to transfer as the lice actually live down the hair shaft and not on the scalp, so at the slightest opportunity they are 'ready to pounce' and move to their new vacant home.


Are head lice, body lice and public lice all the same?
Body Lice and Head Lice are scientifically recognised as 'cousins' in the same species, whereas the Pubic Lice is a 'much more distant relative' in the Lice family. The general rule of thumb for the differences between the Head and Body lice are that head lice tend to be shorter than body lice; head lice have shorter antennae and shorter legs than body lice; and head lice have a slightly more 'shaped' body, where the body lice torso is more smooth along the edges.

Pubic Lice have thin, long legs at the front and 2 pairs of strong legs in the middle and back. Their body is broader and not nearly as long as the body lice or head lice. These live only in the pubic region.


Do I have to spring clean the house after treating head lice?

No. Head lice are not known for living in the hosts environment for more than 48 hours without dying from dehydration (from not being able to feed). However, it is necessary to treat the hosts immediate areas that they will be returning to ie. their bed, pillow, hat, hairbands, brushes etc.


Washing sheets and pillow cases in 60+ degrees celcius and/or drying them in the dryer for 20+ minutes will do the trick. Using a non-irritant natural home contact spray like Liceadex Home and Bedding Spray is ideal for items that cannot be washed such as hats, pillow, brushes etc.


Will my dog or cat need checking for lice?

No, animals are immune to head lice; humans are head lice's only food source.


Online Booking System

How does Nitpro work out appointment times?

A standard treatment time takes about an hour and we calculate this based on:

  • medium hair length

  • standard level of head lice infestation

  • straight hair

  • thin or medium thickness

If your hair is long, thick, curly or has a higher level of infestation, or if you select additional services (such as the NitPix) please allow extra time for your appointment. We will clarify with you when confirming your booking.


Multiple Appointments

If you are booking for more than one person for a particular time slot, we will contact you if these appointments need to be staggered due to existing bookings or due to hair types and services required.


Will I receive a booking confirmation?

Yes. We will contact you by your preferred method and confirm that we have received your request, the booked date, time slot and who is booked in for what services.

We have outlined below common questions people ask. If you have a question that is not covered below, please feel free to contact your local salon.


When attending one of our salons for your appointment, you will receive a free Nitpro Treatment Guide that will help you understand our treatment process, how we work, what to expect and what you need to do.

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