What is head lice?

Shaakira says children in the 5-12 year age group are the most common age group for treatment of head lice. “Hair to hair contact is how head lice travel and the longer the hair, the more likely it is that kids will pick up head lice.” says Shaakira. “Braiding, buns, plaits are all good ways of keeping them safer.”

Shaakira also says that the most daunting part of head lice treatment is dealing with extreme infestations where the scalp is covered with open, oozing infected sores “excreting a horrific odour”.

The biggest upside of her job - is the joy from children when they have been rid of severe cases of head lice.

Nitpro I Head Lice

“These kids just pull at our heart strings. We get thank you cards, presents, hugs, even tears sometimes. This is why we do a job that so many others can't stomach or even stand the thought of,” she says, adding that the downside is parents who see their kids' treatment as a nuisance, and skimp.

We have now developed our own brand of head lice shampoo, which has no pesticides or toxic ingredients and is exclusive to the salons. The salons also educate parents about nit prevention when performing treatment. 

Nitpro also sells a natural preventive/repellent that can be used on hair that is 100 per cent certified organic and Australian made.

You should know that home remedies, and even over-the-counter products, may not solve the problem. Homemade remedies that don’t usually work are: 


  • orange juice

  • drenching the nits in conditioner

  • mayonnaise

  • vinegar (not only is this ineffective, it also really stings!)


Many people who have been coming into one of our Nitpro salons have never experienced head lice infestations before and have been unsuccessfully fighting this battle on their own at home, for months and for some, years. Even parents seasoned by the dreaded head lice creature have been seeking us out surprised at just how quickly the infestations have quickly turned from light, to heavy and even to severe doses of head lice.


You can tell what a nit (the egg) is by its features, they:


  • are 1mm in length and even less in diameter,

  • vary in colour from whitish-transparent to dark brown depending on the stage of the egg,

  • are fixed to the hair (they will not fall out on their own),

  • are laid within 1 1/2 cm of the scalp usually,

  • have a definite 'tail' that is clear, and

  • are cylindrical in shape.


What do you need to look for when it comes to lice?


  • Live lice in the hair: this can sometimes be hard to detect as they do not move about and can live anywhere on the hair. They are usually only found on the scalp when feeding, which they do every 3-4 hours. Otherwise, they live and move about on the hair shafts. Finding live lice means an infestation is present and appropriate treatment is required.

  • Nits on the hair shaft: this method is not always the most reliable unless you know what you are looking for. Whereas, it is obvious that there is a head lice infestation when you find a live creature crawling through the hair, there are other 'things' in the hair that often cause confusion for many people, making diagnosis of a lice infestation a little tricky. People can also mistake hair casts (dandruff) and hair spray droplets for nits. But, if it comes off easily, or flakes off, it is not a nit.


Since Nitpro's conception, we have proven ourselves as the chosen head lice treatment service across Australia by not only the thousands of children and adults who have received our services, but also by a multitude of local health services including QLD Department of HealthDepartment of Child SafetyNSW Health and LifeLine. Nitpro is also recommended and endorsed by many schools, childcare centres and P&C Associations.


Our stores have won numerous local business awards for service excellence!


Want to know more? Contact your local salon today and discuss your needs today.




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