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Nitpro is so confident of its treatment service for the removal of head lice, they offer a 100% guarantee on their treatment.


In order to be provided with this 100% guarantee, the treatment of the head lice is to take place and then a follow-up treatment is required to take place within 7-9 days of that initial treatment.


As head lice is highly contagious, Nitpro can not guarantee head lice will not come back. Nitrpo is pro-active in helping to prevent the likelihood of re-infestation by educating and being able to supply products to its customers. Nitpro recommends practical maintenance within the home environment by instilling preventative methods and practices.


What if you receive the two treatments and you still have baby lice?

If you return within 9 days of the follow-up treatment with live nymphs (baby lice) only, a free treatment will be performed. Due to the head lice life cycle, it is impossible that you could return with adult lice or live eggs within this time period unless a re-infestation has occurred.  If this is the case, a new treatment will need to be commenced. 

Due to the current prolific breading of head lice, Nitpro cannot guarantee against re-infestations, however we are active in our community services and aiding in education of products, methods and best prevention practices.


Nitpro is serious about tacking head lice infestation rates within Australia and that is why they are the leading service provider in head lice treatment and removals.




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